DIY options

If your crafty and enjoy the idea of making your own invitations, then we are here to help. We now offer some of our designs as a DIY option, please see below. Folders are provided flat packed and start from $4.00 each, please enquire within. You can also send us an image of what you would like to use as a DIY option and we can help prepare the design and laser cut it for you.

wedding invitations

Garden forest trifold

Laser cut wedding folder

Laser cut folder

Classical trifold

Laser cut harmony invite

Wedding package laser cut invite

Moroccan trifold


Lake bifold

Bifold invites

Vegas bifold


Alice in wonderland- Bifold

Laser cut folder

Forest  – bifold

Wedding invitation

Wedding invitation

Roses- bifold

Laser cut folder

Keys accessories

Wedding invitations keys

Laser cut key invitations

Additional accessories for attachment

Laser cut emblem

Laser cut emblem

wedding invitations