Often clients have their invitation in mind and want something completely customised to their needs. Attached are some examples of custom invitations that we have done with either our design team or clients also supply their own design.

wedding invitations

Ayse & Andrew

Below is an example of a custom trifold we recently did for a client with beautiful detailing and chandeliers.

Custom trifold

Stefanie and Jason

Stefanie and Jason approached us with a very specific brief and idea of what they wanted. A beautiful leafy design with soft pastel colours scattered with beautiful quotes from their favourite movies. This design is based on the traditional trifold design.

Laser cut wedding invite

Cherry blossom tree  

This is a custom design we did for a lovely couple that approached us. Their inspiration was a Cherry blossom tree. The result is a hand sewn booklet, with delicate tree front cover and several pages of information on the inside. Please get in touch should you be interested in a custom design. 

Laser cut tree- wedding invite

Lou & Pies

Our good friends are getting married, so we helped them create a custom invite that represents their fun personalities!

Spinning wheel

Marilina & Rob

Marilina and Rob approached us with a song and wanted this translated into a landscape themed invitation.

Landscape invite

Nick & Prudence

Prudence came to us with her own design for her engagement invitation. She supplied her own leave and we prepared it for laser cutting.

Please enquire within for custom design with a description of what you are interested in doing and as much information as possible .

wedding invitations

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